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Illustration by Vinz Schwarzbauer

Illustration by Vinz Schwarzbauer

Random research, historical backgrounds, (society) critical and (queer) feminist perspectives, technical discussions, analytical considerations AND feelings are illuminated by semi-professional anime experts*, manga fans*, artists*, designers*, hobby- & sometimes even real media experts*.

Text & Illustration by Georg Wolf

Text & Illustration by Georg Wolf

Text by Laura Egger-Karlegger

Text by Laura Egger-Karlegger


Work: Layout & ORganization
Year: 2017–now

Founding members* and ANYTIME contributors* are:
Laura Egger-Karlegger / Gerhard Jordan / Fabian Leitgeb / Christoph Noller / Sarah Podbelsek / Paolo Svaluto Moreolo, ROSA WIESAUER & Vinz Schwarzbauer


»Salon Animation« is an associations of animation film lovers*.

Its new format ANYTIME is a series of screening events and accompanying zines which are dealing with Japanese animation film culture – Anime.